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beware of resilience's full of really sick people working there and the organization itself is really sick. you think that going to a counseling center, you are going to find caring nice people who want to help out those in need..of therapy, help, but this isn't the case. its a really sad thing that especially in the city of orlando...there are MANY just abusive rude and sick people working as 'counselors' who literally take ADVANTAGE of innocent people going there for therapy and instead of trying to help them out, they also are abusive to them or not only try to mess with their heads, but will try NOT to help or heal them but make things WORSE for them. this is what i experienced at this place so im warning others who do need counseling this COULD happen to you-- doesn't mean it will but it could as there are uncaring unkind people posing as counselors. i went to christine braun a counselor there- i went to this person because i read her profile that she has a passion to help people who have no hope, so i figured she was a kind caring person with good experience, but this wasn't the case. i went to her a few times with the feeling that she felt strange around me and was treating me in a not so nice manner-- but i still wanted to give her a chance.

I went to the counselor several times, and the last session I went to caused me to stop going. the counselor said to me kind of non-chalantly "well I think the abuse you say is just your perception" or it' sjust your perception that it's abuse. Yikes!! to say that to an ABUSE VICTIM is really really major--crucial because as a victim, you are already in doubt of yourself, your own feelings need VALIDATION from a rational person that what you've endured has been bad, and a random counselor basically saying "oh its just your perception" is very dangerous and cruel. even worse...she said things to me like "youre SCARED of your abuser"??? when i said i was scared of my abuser...which is beyond normal and also asked if we could bring in one of my abusers or bullies to sit down and chat...she rudely asked me for my medical a very intrusive way as if she didn't believe me or wanted to further look into my life... she was very rude and weird and making me feel as if something was wrong with me, or i wasn't telling the truth or she had reason to be suspicious of me. i was jus ta female going in there for trauma therapy and how to deal with abuse and bullying. instead i got more trauma by an uncaring low life posing as a counselor. many of these counselors seem to have issues themselves and maybe take it out on patients during therapy? who knows... but the treatment I received by this lunatic was just terrible....and yes IMO she was a lunatic. i am no counselor but I know exactly what and what not to say to someone who has been through abuse and making them doubt their own perception is NOT one of those things...

also she said to me all this mostly during the last session i went to "i think the abuse you're talking of is your perception." again HUH??? that's like saying "oh btw...i dont think you were raped or belittled or mistreated or bullied"... its all in your head! really VERY evil and sick thing to say to a victim who has suffered terribly already to go to a counselor to not only help them and get them help but turn around and try to gaslight with them too. this is extreme cruelty and im not sure why this pathetic chimp is sitting in that office able to treat clients this way...this is a horrible terrible thing..are we as a society so low now that you can't go to a COUNSELOR for basic help for abuse but instead get abused by THEM?? i mean yes there can be corrupt people out there and bad people working in this field but I mean there are WAY too many terrible people out there doing this to innocent people coming in for help and it really needs to stop. I was not only shocked further traumatized and floored by her false and terrible words which were totally untrue and strange but i was utterly then CONFUSED being a victim of abuse to be fed these lies because then of any are now doubting your own perpcetions and beliefs...and just a mess. I left those counseling sessions feeling OK hoping to get healing and instead left a literal MESS...totally confused...upset traumatized...all i can say is...if you TRULY need help out can even PAY people to help and some of these horrible evil and sick people just won't help you or others...

Of course there was no back up or reason as to why she said those horrible things ie if she had a REASON as to why she said them then maybe I could contemplate on it and find some rationale, but this low life lunatic seemed to be saying those things just to put little doubts in my head here and there because she COULD get away with it....she just SAID it out of the blue to almost just put it in my head and she said some other things as well that are critical type things to say to any victim. she almsot seemed to be trying to put certain things in my head as to make me doubt myself... it was very mean to do of course. you go to a counselor to get help, advice, gain strength find solutions to dealing with issues, or past things you have been through. you definitely DONT go to a counselor to have the person put little ideas in your head that are not only untrue but abusive in itself and some form of gaslighting in some way. about one of my situations she even said a few times "i WONDER why he would do that to you" or there has to be a REASON as to why he did this to you.. as if the person had a REASON to do it?? again putting strange ideas that were false out there...without reason or back up...this is abuse of course.. and making me feel as if there was a valid reason i was abused?? again HUH?I left the last session completely floored, doubtful of myself, my own emotions, feelings everything...I went to that session feeling ok and left a wreck, confused, and almost had to self help myself to ensure myself, that what the counselor that was untrue. it's almsot like going to a counselor seeking help for beating or rape and the counselor saying "well i think that's just your perception"...again YIKES...that's what the ABUSERS say to a victim to keep them under control, brainwash them, mess with their head and gaslight them, and that's what christine braun did to me. so of course naturally....i didn't go back for my own sake and health etc....I also came on yelp to write a review--not about the counseling center but my experience with the counselor because i was really distraught and upset with the experience.

so i decided to try another counselor there....and they were nice to let me go to antoher one. I wont name the counselor since there is no reason to. I went to the counselor twice, and the second time I went AFTER my session the counselor said Oh i didnt know you had been here before and saw a counselor before. I said oh yes i did but it didnt work out. She said...what happened? i didn't want to go through the LONG hellish experience i went through because I had just been through a session and felt i had made some progress somewhere. I said...well it just didnt work out i guess... then this counselor said "oh by the way, (or something to that extent)..did you write a Review online about the last counselor you saw"? of course i was SHOCKED...she was just asking this out of the blue and AFTER my session..she could have asked it before..why after?? i felt like i had a decent session after the nightmare i endured before with the previous counselor...and i was hopefully making progress. all that was thwarted with this disturbing and bizarre tangent and question....

I said...well yes? she said....well basically ive been told by my boss that in order to keep coming here you have to take that review down." again what??? i mean are you serious?? rather than try to see....why i wrote that they could improve on I felt or how it made me feel, what compelled me to write that review, or how they could do something about the situation...i was literally COERCED or semi bullied into taking the review order to KEEP going back for counseling with the other counselor. Of course this is horrendous... how can you as a counseling center do that to a PATIENT/client coming in for therapy... who feels they were potentially mistreated by a counselor, or feels a counselor did such a bad job that they had to write a review about it? this was bullying on the part of the center of its really nice to know that counseling centers in the city of orlando bully and threaten women into taking reviews down or they can't go back for counseling and just really treat patients so badly...this is a very sick and cruel thing... it's just not surprised because you find a lot of that in the city of orlando....there are really awful counselors here and people who not only don't care, don't do their jobs right, but who will downright mistreat people who have been through abuse, and not help them out but rather, just be rude to them or even take advantage in some way. in this case....any professional center would have tried to find out what they could do to make the situation better, rather than semi threaten a client saying in order to keep coming back for counseling they have to take a review down.

why this center chooses to be cruel to incoming clients is confusing...and why they are even open and calling themselves acounseling center when it seems they have no problem bullying and mistreating innocent women just coming in for counseling is really confusing. is society so bad that you can't even go to a counselor for basic help and these lunatics actually mistreat innocent women just coming in for basic help? this is just horrible....i hope someone else is spared the trauma others have had to go through attempting to get help at this horrible place full of uncaring jerks and low lifes...


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Sorry to hear about this situation.This is a common thing some therapists might do to their clients.

It's an unfortunate thing that does occur. Many therapists will even mistreat or abuse clients sometimes and use their position as therapist to have power or control over them. This therapist was definitely being abusive to you and that is not ok. Therapists are people too and many might have their own issues.

Some can be jealous or just angry people and you don't know what's going on in their heads. As the spouse of a therapist I hear about these situations far too often. She probably had a lot of mental problems herself, or could have been jealous. Either way, her behavior was not acceptable and people like her should not be practicing at all.

She had every intent to do harm to you not help. Also, therapists may purposely try to mess with people's minds, if they feel someone can be treated pretty fast. Their goal is to cause them more grief, so they can get them to come back more.

It is a business and some of these people are in it for the money and not everyone wants to help people.

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That's a lie mike and Mary.Secondly if the counselor helped you but mistreats others it still makes them a bad person and counselor.

So if someone abuses one person but is nice to others they're still decent people? Of course not. Christine Braun is a horrible counselor to do this to even one person and probably many more. It shows what she is capable of as a human being.

All abusers are kind to most but abusive to some or even one and what this pathetic counselor did to me was only abuse. It is NOT ok even if she did it only to me. She's a *** person and should have her license taken away or be removed from being around vulnerable clients.

Also your comment I bet is a lie.Get help

Condoning abusers or abuse is NOT ok in any way shape or form so seek help


WOW, I had just the opposite experience.I guess you have to consider who is writing the review.

I never met a more caring, healing therapist who helped me heal myself, my family and my marriage.


consider the source- not making a lot of sense.

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